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Mud Flat Press

Book Editing and Design Services
We help self-publishing authors prepare their books and upload them for print-on-demand (POD) for sale online as trade paper books and Kindle e-books.

There are many self-publishing, POD services such as X-libris, Author House, Lulu, CreateSpace and others. The service we generally use is CreateSpace, an Amazon company.

With most POD services you can publish your book at no cost to you if you prepare the book yourself, meaning all of the editing, interior and cover design. Or you can pay additional fees to have their professional editors and designers do the work for you.

Mud Flat Press will edit and lay out your book interior, design the front and back covers, and help you set up your own account with a POD service. We will consult with you once without charge, and together we will decide how much of the work you want to do yourself and how much we should do for you. Prices are negotiable but generally comparable or much cheaper than POD companies charge.

We do not offer distribution services but many POD companies do.

Mud Flat Press is an imprint of ClaytonWorks. If you're shopping for someone to build or maintain your website, do posters, newsletters, brochures or other graphic arts, please visit our ClaytonWorks site.

Compare prices and services. See our resumes and examples of our work, and then contact us. Thank you.

Alec Clayton and John Knold working on Bluebird Song.
"Without qualification I heartily recommend the folks at Mud Flat Press. Alec and Gabi Clayton combine an invaluable set of publishing skills from multiple perspectives: author, editor, graphic designer, computer skills and literary insights. It has been a great pleasure to have their gentle guidance through the publication process of my first book."    -- John Knold, PhD

Mud Flat Press is a division of ClaytonWorks
web design and graphic art.


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