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Freedom Trilogy
Through floods and hurricanes, a couple of wild and whacky football games and many romantic encounters we follow the denizens of the sweltering coastal town of Freedom, Mississippi over a generation.
The Backside of Nowhere - Popular movie star David Lawrence has not spoken to his father in more than twenty years. When the old man has a heart attack David goes home to the little bayou town of Freedom to be with his family while his father hovers near death. While there, David falls in love with his old high school sweetheart, confronts a lifelong enemy (the local sheriff), and discovers that his beautiful adopted sister, Melissa, is not who he thinks she is. Return to Freedom - Malcolm Ashton’s wife and children and Sonny Staples are scrambling to get out of town while Beulah Booker is riding out the storm with her boyfriend and other friends in the Lawrence family home. The citizens of Freedom rebuild their lives after the hurricane that almost destroys their town only to find themselves caught up in storms of a different kind. Visual Liberties - In this final chapter of the Freedom Trilogy, Molly Ashton
is now a college student majoring in art. She is trying hard to grow up, find her way in the world, but it seems she does nothing but make bad choices ... until she makes friends with Francis Gossing.

Molly's parents, Malcolm and Bitsey, rebuild thier tattered
marriage, Sonny Staples returns to Freedom after a time in the state mental hospital, and a stranger who looks like the late Weatherman Donny comes to town. 

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