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Squawk! is a children’s book by artist and writer Penelope Merrell.
An adventuresome chick falls into a hole and the barnyard fowl come to the rescue – a story told in images with no human language.

Sue Alexander 2012 Scholarship Award

Society of Children’s Books / Writers and Illustrators of Southern California

“The fowl language used fully conveys the range of the fowl language that is in current usage.”
-Friends & Fanciers of Farm Fowl, Fall Quarterly Review

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Order Squawk! from your favorite bookstore or or CreateSpace.

Note – We encourage our readers to ask local bookstores to order our books, but if you are going to order online, authors make a larger royalty from CreateSpace than from Amazon.

Trade paper $9.99 or CreateSpace
Kindle edition $2.99
Pages: 40
Publication year: 2015
ISBN: 978-0980032253

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