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Photos and Videos from Return to Freedom Readings
Return to Freedom Book launch party
Dec. 8, 2012

The book launch party for Return to Freedom at Alec's home featured readings by actors with Alec reading the narration. Pictured from left: Christine Goode as Marcia, Jennie Jenks and Beulah, Alec, Heather Christopher as Bitsey, and Michael Christopher as Malcolm.

Reading at Orca Books, Olympia, Washington
Jan. 19, 2013

Video of the reading at Orca Books, filmed by Gabi Clayton.
Reading at Orca Books with actors Pug Bujeaud (left, narrator), Jennie Jenks and Christine Goode. Not pictured: Michael and Heather Christopher. Photo by Mauren O'Neill.

Reading at Kings Books, Tacoma, Washington
Jan. 24, 2013

Video of the reading at Kings Books, filmed by Gabi Clayton.

After the reading at Kings Books with actors, from left: Samantha Camp as Beulah, Micheal O'Hara as Malcolm, Luke Amundson, narrator, Jenifer Rifenbery as Marcia, and Sharry O'Hare as Bitsey. Alec seated. Photo by Aya Clark.

Photographer James Allen took a lot of  photos from this reading. See them here.
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