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Freedom Trilogy
   The Backside of Nowhere (Freedom Trilogy 1)
      The Backside of Nowhere: Reviews
      The Backside of Nowhere: Excerpt
   Return to Freedom (Freedom Trilogy 2)
      Return to Freedom: Reviews
      Return to Freedom Readings, Photos, Videos
      Return to Freedom: Excerpt (pdf file)
 Return to Freedom: Readings, Photos and Videos
   Visual Liberties (Freedom Trilogy 3)

        Visual Liberties Excerpt  (pdf file)

Bluebird Song
   Bluebird Song: Reviews
   Bluebird Song: Exceprt
Bluebird Song: Discussion Questions (pdf file)

Imprudent Zeal
   Imprudent Zeal: Reviews

Reunion at the Wetside
   Reunion at the Wetside: Reviews
   Reunion at the Wetside: Excerpt
   Reunion at the Wetside: Cast of Characters (pdf file)
   Reunion at the Wetside: Poster from Comic Books Ink Reading (pdf file)

Until the Dawn
   Until the Dawn: Reviews
   Until the Dawn: Excerpt

The Wives of Marty Winters
   The Wives of Marty Winters: Reviews
   The Wives of Marty Winters: Excerpt

As If Art Matters
   As If Art Matters: Reviews

Pakuwon City
   Pakuwon City: Reviews
   Pakuwon City: Excerptpakuwoncity-excerpt.html

Practicing Zen Without a License
   Practicing Zen Without a License: Reviews
    Practicing Zen Without a License: Excerpt

The Painting of My Life
   The Painting of My Life: Reviews
   The Painting of My Life: Excerpt

Vegan Comfort: Recipes that hit the spot

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