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Coming Soon! Christmas on a Distant Planet by Jack Butler

A young adult sci-fi Christmas story by Jack Butler, illustrated by Gabi Clayton

Two years ago when Jack Butler submitted this new novel to Mud Flat Press he said, “I’ve written a Christmas story. As far as I know, it’s the first Christmas story to tackle the theme of Christmas in a science-fictional way.”

Christmas on a Distant Planet is an edge-of-your-seat story with beautiful descriptive writing and hilariously brilliant word play by the author of Practicing Zen Without a License and Nightshade, a tale of a vampire on Mars, and the Pulitzer Prize nominated Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock.

Rammy-Remmy de Remy is an enterprising young boy living with his scientist parents and genius little sister on a snow-covered planet in outer space. He is worried that Santa won’t be able to get to Outpost in time for Christmas, so he sets off on a wild adventurous life-threatening journey to open the Gate to let Santa in.

Coming soon from Mud Flat Press.

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