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One of the best things about this wonderful book is that if you come upon a place where the language, references, or philosophy are too dense or uninteresting, you can just skip ahead a few pages and it’s all exciting again. Although one needs to have read all Butler’s novels to get the fullest enjoyment from this volume, that’s not necessary to appreciate the essence here: incisive and sometimes silly humor, biting satire, philosophical exactness with a sometimes tongue-in-cheek interpretation, and glorious human yearning for love and understanding. “Southern Baptist Zen” and “Christians and Christianoids” are fine, moving, and funny essays. If you like Vonnegut and even Tom Robbins you should enjoy this book.

This novel will make you laugh, once you figure out that it’s set in the future and has no possible relevance to life as we know it and live it now. Good luck with that.

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