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Martina C. – Amazon
Endearing Story

The reading of the “Hotel Fargoan” letters fascinated me. As a tail end member of Generation X, the year 1940 (when the letters were written) feels like ancient history to me. I couldn’t have been more intrigued by the sweet romance of Art and Sally as it develops during the twelve months before they got married. And I was struck by the historically significant events of their courtship year. But just maybe that’s because Art and Sally were my grandparents.

What a treasure they left for the family with all those letters. Kind of like a living memorial, I suppose. Moreover, what a wonderful family they left behind. Also like a living memorial!

I loved these three books. I do wonder if those outside the family would find it anywhere near as interesting, or significant. Well, how could they? However, I really do feel that the letters present a wonderful look at a very sweet romance, and at a year preceding a very dangerous war that came crashing down on my grandparent’s future.

Additionally, I know how special the letters are simply because basically no one writes love letters like that in this day and age. I think that’s sad.

I’ll be very curious to read other reviews for “Hotel Fargoan,” both from the family and from those not related.

Karen in Minneapolis – Amazon
“Hotel Fargoan” is a very sweet love story

“Hotel Fargoan” is a very sweet love story, incorporating the history of our country at the time the story takes place, during the period of Roosevelt’s New Deal to the dawn of the United States entry into World War II. The author has obviously done a great deal of research as we read from the historical perspective. In the story, we see how two people grow in their love for each other, simultaneously fearing for their country and wondering how the War will influence their lives. As descendants of Norwegian emigrants, the characters can’t help worrying about Norway and the rest of the European continent if Hitler continues his atrocities and advancements in Europe. I especially liked the way the author portrays real life people, making this story sensitive and believable. If you love an excellent read of two very special human beings and their relationship, along with a peek back into the 20th Century, then this book is for you.

BC Biker mkr – Amazon
I love the characters in this book

I love the characters in this book. Eileen definitely had loving parents; she used their actual letters to each other as the springboard for this story. Art and Sally’s abiding love for one another shines through. We also see two girlfriends, Sally and Edwina, grapple with deep down emotions of family and career. With World War II looming and the news of Nazi advances in Europe, we see two brothers, Art and Sidney, deal with the fears of the impact of war on their families and on our American politics and policies. The characters and their issues are current today though we also see the unique issues and pressures caused by life in pre World War II America. Eileen gives us much to think about. You will be ready for “Summer on the Farm” as soon as you finish “A Romance Begins.” loved this book!

Amazon customer
I loved this book!

I loved this book!. Art and Sally are my uncle and aunt. I can just hear them speaking like this! I loved the interspersing of history with their feelings toward each other, the love in their words. My mother and aunt Jean are mentioned so it’s fun for me to hear what they were like at age 10 and up. The history that is a thread in their love story almost makes one feel the anticipation, fear and anxiety of the war that the reader already knows is coming. The phrases that Art and Sally used in their letters were so 1940! I would recommend this novel to anyone, history lovers and romance lovers, something for everyone. I can’t wait to read Books 2 and 3!

Amazon customer
Inspired by her parents love and courtship

Hotel Fargoan is a 1940 romance between Art, a traveling salesman, and Sally, a school teacher, living in North Dakota. Inspired by her parents love and courtship, the book gives a clear picture of how it was back then to be in love. Their relationship illuminates through hundreds of letters the historical period with its growing support for the war effort to fight Nazi Germany.

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