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Mr. Klein's Wild Ride by Lynn Savage Find your bliss. "'Adam Ryder called this morning,' Sherri announced,
handing me a stack of messages as I headed out the door
to a lunch meeting at Shiloh’s. 'He says he’s building the
Disneyland of sex, and he wants Randall/Klein to create
its Mickey Mouse.' Thus began my undoing."
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Hotel Fargoan by Eileen Torgersen-Smith A Historical Love Story Told in Letters "It was a remarkable feeling that came over me as I read through
all my parent’s letters, written when they were in their mid-twenties.
As I read, I could hear their voices. I felt as though I were channeling
them. They weren’t just talking to each other; the three of us
were communicating."
Book One:
A Romance Begins

Book Two:
Summer on the Farm

A Single White Orchid
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Squawk! Story and Artwork by Penelope Merrell A Story in Fowl Language An adventuresome chick falls
into a hole
and the barnyard fowl
come to the rescue – a story told
in images
with no human language.
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Tupelo by Alec Clayton in an era of reluctant change ... "I've never understood how my twin brother grew to hate me.
At least I couldn't get it while we were still alive. We started life
as conjoined twins, not physically, but mentally. We lived in
each other's heads. And yet, and yet ..."
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Pakuwon City by Ricker Winsor Letters from the East read more Winsor has lived the life
most 'Walter Mittys' only
dream of with an original
sensibility that makes this
much more than a typical
'American abroad narrative.
The Backside of Nowhere Freedom Trilogy Book One by Alec Clayton "'He’s like a bad puppy that’s always piddling on the floor
but he’s so damn cute you can’t stay mad at him.
read more Ya know what I mean?'"
Practicing Zen
Without a Licence
by Jack Butler "Zen don't think and zen don't care,
but zen might dance in it's underwear."
"Practicing Zen Without A License
is a treatise of religion and philosophy
as written by Kurt Vonnegut and
Douglas Adams in the year 2450 AD.
Or something like that."
– Alec Clayton
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As If Art Matters modern and post modern art reviews and commentary by Alec Clayton van Gogh Willie Ray Parish Sandy Skoglund Fay Jones and Gaylen Hansen Morris Graves Ron Hinson Thornton Willis Bill Viola Joseph Park and Phillip Pearlstein Holly Senn Ric Hall and Ron Schmidt William Morris Ross Palmer Beecher read more Barlow Palmenteri and ... Vegan Comfort Recipes that hit the spot by Sherrilyn Reed Explore with me and find that “comfort foods” can also
be enjoyed vegan style.
Macaroni & cheese, cinnamon rolls and burgers
can still be sumptuous fare.
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Bluebird Song by Morrison Phelps read more "... hits with bull’s eye accuracy the tragedy surrounding outlawed kids.
This unique account of our society’s betrayed youth made me laugh and
made me cry." - Meli, Amazon
Return to Freedom Freedom Trilogy Book Two by Alec Clayton Click Here When no one is there he sometimes speaks
to the ghost of Jack Kerouac. He's not crazy.
He doesn't think Jack can hear him. But ...
Visual Liberties Freedom Trilogy Book Three by Alec Clayton Calling Bitsey Ashton a square peg in
a round hole would be like saying the
Titanic was a motorboat that sprang
a leak.
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Imprudent Zeal by Alec Clayton "Did Scully have any enemies
you know of?"
"Scully? Naw. The man was a living
saint. He run that outfit down by the
meat markets where they took in
homeless people and run a soup line
and all."
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Thinking Out Loud by Ricker Winsor Collected essays published over the past ten years in various online journals and magazines. “The essays in this book are just as varied as Ricker's paintings and cover topics like fishing, regret, loneliness, marriage, competition, and racism. A cornucopia of concerns and experience.” read more The Wives of Marty Winters by Alec Clayton Will Selena ever come out of the coma?
Will the shooter ever be caught?
And why did the woman with the red cape
try to take the bullet for Selena?
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Reunion at the Wetside by Alec Clayton ELDER ROMANCE AND SERIAL KILLINGS AT BARNEY'S WETSIDE PUB read more This Is Me, Debbi, David by Alec Clayton When Debbi breaks up with David, each embark
on adventures that are, in turn, romantic, funny,
enlightening, and scary.
"Because of the natural beauty of Alec Clayton's prose,
and the flow of the narrative, it is easy to miss the stunning
craft this writer has mastered." - Ricker Winsor
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The Painting of My Life by Ricker Winsor The talent of recollection and the
contemplation of experience is both
a gift and a burden.
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C Is for Collection 21 stories by Christian Carvajal read more Tales about a child with a secret, a silicon deity, a monster on the loose in medieval Paris, the inventor of time travel and a custom-made afterlife. Tik Tok: Poems Poetry and ink drawings by Ricker Winsor Did I catch any of it as it went by so fast, a flickering beam of energy, experience and memory? read more Blackfoot Whitefoot The Life of James Willard Schultz by David Kherdian This is the biography of the first white man
to penetrate the Blackfeet tribe — a love story
and adventure story.
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Until the Dawn by Alec Clayton Painting can be an evil mistress. She can love you tender
and she can love you raunchy,
and she can rip
your guts apart.
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In the Corner of a Room

Oil Pastels from Trinidad

by Ricker Winsor

Abstract Expressionist oil pastels and poetry. Visual artist, musician, photographer and writer, Ricker Winsor does it all.

Angels Sleep Alone
by James Robert Peery


t’s 1942. War rages in Europe and Japan. Journalist and radio celebrity Bob Sessions sees the woman who will change his life—the daughter of a “Holy Roller” preacher from rustic North Mississippi. Angels Sleep Alone is a poignant, dramatic, and funny novel of love found and lost and found again in wartime America, and of a different kind of war—class war—in the fictitious capital city of Madison, Mississippi. Peery’s earlier novels, Stark Summer and God Rides a Gale (Harper & Brothers 1938 and 1940 respectively, now out of print) were best sellers in their day. Peery died in 1954 at the age of 54, leaving behind this unpublished novel. And now Angels Sleep Alone, passed down to his daughter and then granddaughter, rises.




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The Bar Stool in the Sky – by Leah Mueller

A Hard Rain (‘s a-Gonna Fall) – by Christian Carvajal

Emmolene’s Bones – by Jack Butler

My Otter – by Ricker Winsor

Akiko’s Last Fight – by Alec Clayton

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