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Mud Flat Shorts (Mostly Fiction)

Thirty great stories by eighteen writers from all around the world. Three stories by New York Times bestselling author and Pulitzer-Prize nominee Jack Butler; two by O’Henry Award and Big Muddy magazine’s Mighty River Short Story Prize winner Keith Eisner; one by National Book Foundation’s “5 Under 35” novelist Megan Kruse; and even excerpts from James Robert Peery’s Angels Sleep Alone, a bestselling author who died in 1950 leaving behind an unpublished manuscript the rights to which were given to Mud Flat Press.

The stories in this volume range from contemporary drama to science fiction to the macabre, and each carries a strong sense of place—wherever that place happens to be.

—— New from Mud Flat Press ——

Christmas on a Distant Planet
by Jack Butler

Christmas on a Distant Planet is an edge-of-your-seat young adult sci-fi story with beautiful descriptive writing and hilariously brilliant wordplay by the author of Practicing Zen Without a License. Illustrated by Gabi Clayton.

Rammy-Remmy de Remy is worried that Santa won’t be able to get to Outpost in time for Christmas, so he sets off on a wild adventurous life-threatening journey to open the Gate to let Santa in.

by Alec Clayton

Intense, funny and true to life, Teacher begins with a damaged and uncertain Eva McRoy, a bisexual high school English teacher who lost custody and contact with her child after a tumultuous divorce. Her self-identity is now under threat at work and in relationships. Yet Eva grows in identity and power as she starts an LGBT support group at school, joins in a protest of a police shooting of a young Black man, and survives a school shooting herself. Through these struggles, she discovers a passion for justice and renews a sense of self that had waned.

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