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Gabi was born in New York City. Growing up, she also lived in Puerto Rico and San Francisco and other places in California. In college she studied drawing and painting, film, video and animation. She completed her bachelor’s degree at The Evergreen State College and her master’s degree in counseling at Saint Martin’s College.

She is an artist, a web and graphic designer, an editor, and a licensed mental health counselor in private practice. She works part-time as the Hearthkeeper for Olympia Friends Meeting – and she is a Quaker herself. Gabi is an activist and community leader who has had a lifelong involvement in working for peace and social justice.

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The Claytons met in New York City in 1973 where they worked for Everything for Everybody, a service organization which, among other things, published an alternative newspaper. In ’77 they moved to Alec’s home town, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and co-founded a publishing company which published, in succession, a weekly newspaper, a monthly magazine and the award-winning art and literary journal Mississippi Arts & Letters.

They moved to Olympia, Washington in 1988 and established ClaytonWorks web design and graphic arts in 1995. They started Mud Flat Press when publishing Alec’s first novel, Until the Dawn in 2000, and now these are combined.

Alec is a novelist, freelance writer, and retired artist who grew up in Mississippi. He writes theater and art review columns for The News Tribune and the Weekly Volcano (Tacoma, WA) and feature stories for Oly Arts (Olympia, WA). He has been published in many other periodicals including The Olympian, Thurston Talk, Art Access, Art Papers, Fiber Arts, and Glass Quarterly. Alec also worked as a features editor for The News Tribune and as a copy editor for the Weekly Volcano. His paintings have been shown in museums and galleries throughout the United States and even once in Korea! He has a master’s degree in drawing and painting from East Tennessee State University.

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