Fourteen first sentences by Alec Clayton

Alec Clayton

“Painting can be an evil mistress. She can love you tender and she can love you raunchy, and she can rip your guts apart.”
Until the Dawn (fiction by Alec Clayton, 2000)

“Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.”
As If Art Matters – Modern and post modern art reviews and commentary (nonfiction by Alec Clayton, 2003)

“Scully’s New York Times was still on the floor from Sunday when the delivery guy dropped off the Monday paper.”
Imprudent Zeal (fiction by Alec Clayton, 2004)

“There was always the chance, however slim, that some nutcase in the crowd would pull out a gun and blast somebody away.”
The Wives of Marty Winters (fiction by Alec Clayton, 2007)

“This may be confusing, so try to keep up.”
Reunion at the Wetside (fiction by Alec Clayton, 2010)

“David Lawrence’s many fans were surprised when he began performing his monologue, Water, Water, which ran six months Off Broadway before becoming a surprise hit on DVD.”
Freedom Trilogy Book 1 – The Backside of Nowhere (fiction by Alec Clayton, 2009)

“Bitsey can’t sleep.”
Freedom Trilogy Book 2 – Return to Freedom (fiction by Alec Clayton, 2012)

“Calling Bitsey Ashton a square peg in a round hole would be like saying the Titanic was a motorboat that sprang a leak.”
Freedom Trilogy Book 3 – Visual Liberties (fiction by Alec Clayton, 2015)

“I never understood how my twin brother grew to hate me.”
Tupelo (fiction by Alec Clayton, 2016)

“I’m a loudmouthed, fun-loving, rabble-rousing, perverse woman.”
This Is Me, Debbi, David; Bonus: Nine Stories (fiction by Alec Clayton, 2018)

“The world in which we live is at this moment seemingly in a state of flux, with an unprecedented upheaval of preconceived notions about religion, art, and philosophy.”
What the Heck is a Frame Pedestal Aesthetic? (nonfiction by Alec Clayton, 2020)

“It was, so far, the most shocking moment in Eva McRoy’s forty-one years of living.”
Teacher (fiction by Alec Clayton, 2021)

“It was the summer that Schwerner, Goodman, and Chaney were murdered by the Klan.”
Locked In (fiction by Alec Clayton, 2023)

“It was the Sumatran tiger that killed Hairless Harlan Johnson’s young bride.” 
— The Descendants of the Pirate Pegleg Josiah Johnson (fiction by Alec Clayton, coming in 2024)

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