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This is Me, Debbi, David

This is me, Debbi. I’m a loudmouthed, fun loving, rabble rousing, polyamorous perverse woman. That’s just the kind of gal I am . . .

This is me, David. I’ve always been a nebbish little mama’s boy. Can’t help it. Never took a chance on anything in my entire life. Not until the day Debbi walked into the bookstore.

Debbi and David were a couple for a while, living together in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward, until she left him to go to Dallas with a wealthy, hotshot businessman. The biggest mistake of her life. Devastated by her abandonment of him, David feels there’s little reason to go on; but instead of giving in to depression he decides to take a huge leap of faith and pursue a lifelong dream. He sets off hitch-hiking to New York in hopes of becoming a star on Broadway. This is the premise of my new novella, This is Me, Debbi, David (and other stories).

The book is now in the hands of four first readers who will give me critical feedback. Next comes the final proofreading and editing, and then cover design (Gabi Clayton will do the cover art), and finally publication. No publication date set yet, but it won’t be long.

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