Meet Charlie Berger and Erin Donahue

Erin, Charlie and Kina

Charles Berger, DVM, a graduate of Cornell University, has practiced veterinary medicine for many years. As a wilderness explorer and filmmaker, he has led ecological tours to Alaska, Canada and Africa, and participated in more than 30 sled dog races, including those of the Iditarod Trail and Yukon Quest. An internationally known lecturer, he teaches courses on evolution, natural history and predators.

Charlie’s website: Of Wolves and Dogs: From The Big Bang To Chihuahuas

Erin Donahue The practices that bring Erin Donahue fully awake and alive are nature, photography, exploration, the company of excellent friends, literature and the practice of Zen archery with a long bow.  For decades she has worked as a psychotherapist, witnessing and encouraging healing.  Erin collects stories from all the people in her life, but especially from Charlie Berger, who has been excellent company at her side, and a generous partner who encourages her to be fully who she is.

Published by Mud Flat Press:
Born to Go

1 thought on “Meet Charlie Berger and Erin Donahue”

  1. Hi Charlie,

    Mike Kaplan’s brother Warren here! It’s been a very VERY long time. Just got your book! Read only a little so far. MARVELOUS.
    I’m retired now after 49 years at it in both Long Island and San Diego County, California. Now live in Florida as I’m 1year shy of 80 years old. Lotsa great memories of you and Mike, and the few times we actually met. Be well! Mike really loved ya!

    Warren Kaplan (DVM, Cor ‘69)


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