Reviews of Born to Go

A Life Fully Lived

by Ricker Winsor

The author says, “It’s not a rehearsal,” referring to the life we have to live. Born to Go is the story of a man who has lived his live completely, had many adventures, helped countless animals as a veterinarian and explored the wilds of Alaska and Africa with deep appreciation. What I like most about the book is its relentless positive energy, its acceptance of life as great adventure. Everyone will enjoy knowing the author and is many fascinating friends.

An amazing life

by Alec Clayton

From living with wolves to canoeing arctic waterways, Charlie Berger’s life has been the stuff of dreams—so far. His memoir takes the reader from his humble beginnings in the bowels of Brooklyn through veterinary school and into incredible adventures.

Not content to stay in a veterinary office but loving veterinary medicine, Charlie’s outsized life and unique career took him around the globe to treat wild and domesticated animals while encountering, working with and enjoying the company of characters along the way including hermits, Maasai warriors, Buddhist monks, Yupik, Huaorani tribesmen, as well as the homeless and Berkeley cops. All described with humility and humor.

You can join Charlie Berger and his wife Erin Donahue on long-distance sled dog races and white-water paddles through these pages. The following few chapter titles give a hint of what other written treasures can be found in the pages of Berger’s memoir: Brooklyn, New York: the ’40s and ’50s, Oakland Humane Society, Malamute Tours, Dodging the Draft: Canada, The Motherland: First Visit to Africa, A Brief Acting Career, My Genetic Defects, A Subculture of Madness, Endurance Sled Dog Races, The Loves of my Life . . .

At 414 pages and with 162 photos, Born to Go is large in physical size and in the journeys he invites you to share.

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