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Blackfoot Whitefoot
The Life of James Willard Schultz

by David Kherdian

James Willard Schultz was the first white man to penetrate the Blackfeet tribe.  This biography of his early years with the tribe is an outstanding adventure story and also a love story of two people, who are strangers to each other at the start, but grow in understanding and love through their devotion to one another.

David Kherdian is an internationally known poet, novelist and memoirist. His biography of his mother, The Road From Home received numerous awards, including a Newberry Honor Book Award and a nomination for the American Book Award. 


This is Me, Debbi, David

a novel with bonus nine short stories

by Alec Clayton

Debbi Mason is a self-declared loudmouth, fun loving, rabble rousing, perverse woman. David Parker says he has always been something of a nebbish little mama’s boy who never took a chance on anything in his entire life. When Debbi breaks up with David and runs off with a man she thinks can provide wealth and security, Debbi and David each embark on adventures that are, in turn, romantic, funny, enlightening and scary—adventures that take them from the French Quarter in New Orleans, to Dallas, and to New York City’s East Village. And into their own hearts.

From rough draft to finished book, Mud Flat Press helps  authors with:

  • editing
  • interior design
  • cover art
  • and more!

In addition to book publishing, Mud Flat Press publishes short stories by invitation.

The Bar Stool in the Sky – by Leah Mueller

A Hard Rain (‘s a-Gonna Fall) – by Christian Carvajal

Emmolene’s Bones – by Jack Butler

My Otter – by Ricker Winsor

Akiko’s Last Fight – by Alec Clayton

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