It’s a Spark: Black and White Photography

by Ricker Winsor – “It’s a spark, the spark of life, catching something, stopping time. That is what photography can do. I selected pictures for this book that caught something fleeting, important.”

For twenty-five years Ricker Winsor carried a Leica in a shoulder bag and captured the life around him, the people, the celebrities, and the beauty. He has taken photographs for some of America’s most prestigious publications, and he has documented his own life, his friends–including people famous in their respective fields such as the painters Don Cherry and Willem de Kooning, and the world-famous fishing instructors Joan and Lee Wulff.

From a large archive, Winsor selected for this book pictures that “caught something, “a moment of peace or happiness.

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Publication year: 2021
Trade paper, 132 pages
$23.50 Amazon ISBN: 979-8747040007