“Mr. Mischievous at Five” and “Pelham Manor, New York” by Ricker Winsor

Ricker Winsor has been with Mud Flat Press since 2010 with the publication of his first book, Pakuwon City. We are happy to have two of his stories in Mud Flat Shorts (mostly fiction). Here is what Ricker has to say about his stories:

My contribution to the Mud Flat Press anthology is different from the others, I think. My stories are memories from childhood, from my first serious writing attempts: Pakuwon City, and The Painting of My Life. Sometimes when we don’t know anything we are at our best. That is the notion of “beginner’s mind,” a Zen concept. But if I didn’t know anything about “the craft of writing” I did have one gift, memory. I have total recall of anything that touches me emotionally. It keeps me up at night, and when it is done having its way with me, it morphs into dreams that are even more lucid. ““Mr. Mischievous at Five,” from my age four or five in Evanston, Illinois, paints a picture of innocence and beauty at a time just after the end of World War II when the world was much simpler. “Pelham Manor, New York” takes place in Pelham Manor at a slightly older age and describes what happened when karma collided with our family and changed everything. So it goes.

From Mud Flat Press: We have invited the writers of Mud Flat Shorts (mostly fiction) to write short pieces about their stories for this blog. Stay tuned for more from others of the 19 magnificent writers in the book.

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