Reviews ~ The Painting of My Life

J H Blatz – Amazon
A movie in the making

In his later years, Winsor remembers with startling insight the high adventure, early loves and insane escapades of his youth in Spain and Morocco in the 60’s and his coming of age and artistic maturity all over the world. He is a present day Patrick Leigh Fermor, only with guts and humor. This book is poetry – it reads like a movie.

Mark W. Lediard – Amazon
Life Story with Perfect Pitch

Ricker has a gift of amazing and salient candor, very deep, very intimate, very explicit and disclosing on such very personal themes, all of it utterly unself-conscious, and unapologetic for any of the moments of deviance from the norms that may emerge periodically. I admire the fullness of that self-expression greatly.

Cathy Winsor – Amazon
Brilliant Book

I never knew my brother had the capacity to be such a wonderful writer. Although I knew lots of what he was talking about, everything seemed fresh and new. He’s got a marvelous beat to his writing and I couldn’t put the book down. Even if you weren’t part of his youth, this will seem familiar to most people in his position. I’m very proud of him and adore the book. BUY IT!!!

1910white – Amazon
A recollections Wham

Different in so many ways; alike in so many ways! Taking my time through the ’60’s and ’70’s. A well-written funny, painful and consciousness-raising journey.

Gerald M. Therrien – Amazon
Good read

Concise & truthful. The burbs and 60’s & 70’s with color and force. ”The way we were”. Fast ,forceful and quick.

Alec Clayton – Amazon
Where art and life intersect

Ricker Winsor’s The Painting of My Life is the unpretentious and down-to-earth memoir of a man who has been described as “a force of nature,” who has known and worked or studied with many of the great artists, writers and musicians, who has done a little bit of everything from touring Europe on a motorcycle, to playing the blues to swimming with talking otters. It reads with the smooth naturalism of listening to a friend tell his story, unadorned but real. Every page is a new surprise.

Joe S. Kirk – Amazon
Painting of life in its purest form

First and foremost, it is honest and engaging. It smacks of life in its purest form and the ending hit me like a ton of bricks as the meaning came roaring into view.

Dennis Beery – Amazon

Just brilliant in the way the writing keeps a very simple and familiar feel and at the same time, the reader sees every image bright and clear!

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