Women and Girls 1942-2020

Over the past week or so I have been typing into my computer, word-for-word, the manuscript of a novel written in the early 1950s. It is tedious work but worth the effort because it’s a damn fine novel. It is set in 1942, and the narrator and all the characters use language and express commonly … Read more

Me and Malcolm (X)

          I have wanted to write this for so long, but I get tired of my regrets and my shame of one kind or another. These days I try my best to find some shiny nuggets among the dross but mostly come up empty. I succeed most in looking at the clouds or at the … Read more

Coming Soon: What the Heck is a Frame-Pedestal Aesthetic? 1960s Revolution in American Art Revisited

It was 1970. Abstract-Expressionism had dominated American and world art for almost three decades. For thousands of years before that, art had been pictures on walls and sculptures on pedestals meant to be admired for their beauty. Revolutionary new approaches to art during the 1960s changed all that. Alec Clayton’s graduate thesis with the academic … Read more

Reassessing “the new art”

I was finishing up my senior year in college in Mississippi and going to graduate school at East Tennessee State University. It was the late 1960s. There was an explosion of new and different art schools-movements-events that in many ways ended what art critics and historians had been presenting as an orderly, chronological evolution of … Read more

I got too much stuff on the grill

I got too much stuff on the grill. Hamburgers, hot dogs, barbecue chicken, corn on the cob, veggie burgers. Everything cooking at once. Uh oh, the hot dogs are about to burn. Gotta get them off the grill. Oops, chicken needs more sauce. Hey, ya’ll better get your buns and spread you some mayo and … Read more

Author’s Afternoon

The city of Tumwater, Washington held a book event called “Author’s Afternoon” on Sunday, Oct. 20 with a dozen writers tabling, talking, reading and selling and autographing books Mud Flat Press authors Alec Clayton and Christian Carvajal (not pictured) were among the authors. Click the title to see the photo.

Everything in its Season

Mud Flat Press is proud to announce the latest book by Ricker Winsor, Everything in its Season, a photo-essay book about living in Lyme, New Hampshire from 1970 to 1985 — a book of beautiful black and white photos and honest observations, plus poetry from the likes of ee cummings, Robert Frost and more. From … Read more