Mud Flat Press’ Lit Chat #1 – Alec Clayton’s Locked In

Our first Lit Chat on October 1, 2023 was a reading from and discussion with Alec Clayton about his novel, Locked In, the story of newspaperman Willie Ray Rivers’ fight for justice in the little town of Hub City, Mississippi. Completely paralyzed and unable to talk after a stroke, Willie Ray’s story is told through his thoughts and memories. The reader is in his mind.

Note: there are about five places where the video froze briefly, but it goes to the end of the event, lasting 1:04:30. Enjoy! Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback, and subscribe to our email list using the form on the right sidebar to get announcements of future chats and other MFP news.

1 thought on “Mud Flat Press’ Lit Chat #1 – Alec Clayton’s Locked In”

  1. Very interesting, sharing Willi Ray’s thoughts with Alec Clayton, the author. Nice to also share with several other readers. I look forward to exploring other books with these folks.


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