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by James Robert Peery – “He was aware that, somehow, Maury Carter had walked—not just across a bus station waiting room—but across the line dividing two parts of his life.” Thus begins James Robert Peery’s Angels Sleep Alone, written before his untimely death in 1954 and apparently not read until now by anyone other than family members.

It’s 1942. War rages in Europe and Japan. Journalist and radio celebrity Bob Sessions sees the woman who will change his life—the daughter of a “Holy Roller” preacher from rustic North Mississippi. Angels Sleep Alone is a poignant, dramatic, and funny novel of love found and lost and found again in wartime America, and of a different kind of war—class war—in the fictitious capital city of Madison, Mississippi.

Peery’s earlier novels, Stark Summer and God Rides a Gale (Harper & Brothers 1938 and 1940 respectively) were best sellers in their day. And now, eighty years later, his final novel, Angels Sleep Alone has been found and rises.


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