Nineteen World Class Writers

“Emmolene’s Bones” by Jack Butler may well be the strangest love story ever written. “Hawk Gumbo,” also by Jack Butler, is the quintessential Southern Gothic or Grit Lit story.

“Godsend” by Samuel Snoek-Brown is the story of a woman obsessed with the thought of murdering her neighbor because the neighbor has irritating habits and sings horrendously. Both of them, by the way, are being stalked by angels, but it is doubtful that the neighbor knows it. “Godsend” is a must-read story.

If you loved Ned Hayes’s bestselling YA novel The Eagle Tree—and who didn’t—you’ll surely love “Holy Trinity,” Hayes’s novella about Peter March Wong, the young hero of The Eagle Tree continuing his quest to save the environment.

Anne Nayer bares her heart in a series of vignettes from a memoir in progress.

These and 26 other stories by 19 world-class writers can be found in the pages of Mud Flat Shorts (mostly fiction)—soon to be published by Mud Flat Press. Watch for it in late June or early July.

… And BTW, it’s about as diverse as any collection of authors and stories can be.

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