Ricker Drawing in Surabaya

From Ricker Winsor:

“I am out drawing in ink with my portable table. It is easier now than with all the oil paint and I think my ink drawings are my strongest expression in any case. I am in Surabaya not far from home, in an area called Kenjaran which has a huge golden Buddha and the Chinese temple you see plus an attraction of castles in the distance, a very exotic place. Indonesia is that everywhere and everlastingly. I enjoy being out in the landscape mornings and late afternoons when it is not too hot, then later I am inside thinking, writing, new poems creating themselves in my head, and another essay about Indonesia in process.”

Mud Flat Press recently published Ricker’s book, Tic Tok: Poems, a book of art and poetry with thirty-six poems covering the years 1973 to present and thirty-two ink drawings.

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